WHO IS DataCrunch?

🔍 We are a team of 42-Paris students and a former finance teacher from ESSEC Paris. Incubated by Hook, we have been scraping terabytes of financial data for more than a year.

📈 We are modeling this data into investment strategies using statistics and machine learning.

⚡️ We aim to disrupt the Hedge Fund industry by building the first hedge fund run and owned by a community of data scientists !
Weekly Sprints 🎩

100% Online - Every week end

Build models on our data and submit your predictions to win the cash prizes. 

Every round comes with its dataset.

Every round the top 3 best models will be selected to join DataCrunch's Arena. Has long as your model stays on top you will earn 200€ monthly.

eg: You participate to two rounds and your algos are in top 3 on 2 different datasets. You will earn 200€ x 2 = 400€ every months until someone get a get a better score in this dataset.

Level up, earn achievements and special badges upon each submission 🎩

Earn goodies and badges by using your referral link to invite your friends.

You have done a Machine Learning Bootcamp, or know some statistics thats great. Your are starting ML or know your way around python: This hackathon is a great way to jump right in.💪

Subscription 🏴☠️

Further information upon subscription.

Join the discord channel - Mandatory: 👾

DataCrunch will hold AMA every Friday at 6pm GMT + 1 - Online 📡