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"If you are not inside, you are outside"

This strategy is all about the in-depth knowledge executives have of their own business. Our system tracks thousands of SEC filed transactions weekly where insiders (i.e. CEO, CTO, CFO, Directors, 10% owners) bought shares of their own company. They best understand the industry dynamics, their competitive advantage. GordonGeeko™️ is our proprietary Supervised Machine Learning algorithm that is trained to recognize insiders' transactions which would most probably outperform and allow you to benefit from it before the stock price surges.

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"There is smart money and dumb money.
Smart money makes money off dumb money".

This strategy is all about cloning investment ideas picked by smart money. Funds that deliver above market returns for years are often referred to as smart money. Funds with over $100 million assets under management have to publicly disclose their holdings with the SEC on a quarterly basis. DollyTheSheep™️, named after the first cloned animal, scores each fund to determine the most successful ones relative to their peers. It then detects those most favored stocks in order to give you an edge. It is also called an "alpha cloning" strategy.

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